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We offer nationally recognised training in:

  • Short courses and Skills Sets (Design your own) to meet individual needs

We are a provider committed to training excellence:

  • we offer programs based on a range of practical and pragmatic learning experiences

  • we know what we do and we do what we know, so you benefit from our accumulated experience

  • we update our own vocational and training skills regularly, to ensure that we remain at the leading edge

Who we are:

  • we specialise in distance and flexible delivery programs right across Australia and New Zealand (and to students overseas)
  • we work with a number of local, regional and interstate trainers and training partners who can offer face to face training in groups or in the workplace
  • we offer very effective RPL programs so that you can validate the skills you have now to create a better work future

  • we prioritise our resources to provide quality training, and our clients are our main focus

  • we operate with low overheads and pass the cost savings on to our clients

What we do not do:

  • We do not take short cuts because you deserve the best

  • We will never offer courses in too short a time frame because you need the time for your skills to mature

  • Above all, if you want a TAE Certificate IV you will not get it from us in a 2, 3 or 5 day course if you have no prior experience and qualifications in our industry. You get what you pay for: quality training to professional standards.


What makes us different?

Why we are the right choice for you:

With us there are no hidden extras:

Our national reputation for quality:

Don't Hold Back!

Eleven months on and only six providers to date have been approved to deliver the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The backlog is so great that many RTOs have held back their application for a few months hoping the backlog will clear. HBTA submitted their application last month.

Given that it may take new applicants six months or more to complete this qualification, April will be the last round of intakes available from HBTA.  RPL applications are continuing to be taken until August.

Applicants keep asking me about the need to 'upgrade' to the new qualification. It is not mandatory to do so as the Standards for RTOs (SRTO) 2015 state that trainers need TAE40110 or its successor. Therefore, you have until October 2017 to obtain TAE40110 and you can choose to add to this TAEASS502A and TAELLN411 in the electives.

What this means is that when the TAE40116 is finally launched, or the AISC finally decided that trainers and assessor must attain TAEASS502 and TAELLN411, those who included TAEASS502A and TAELLN411 in their TAE40110 may be eligible for credit transfer.

If you already have the TAE40110 you can choose to undertake the two new units as standalones, and we can delivery this through an enrolment into a TAE50216 if you want TAEASS502.

It sounds complicated but really is not. We can work out the best option for you.

If you have been a trainer and assessor for some time, then a smart thing to do would be to enrol in a Diploma. If you have a Diploma, you do not need to acquire a TAE40110 or its successor.



TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or its successor.



A diploma or higher level qualification in adult education.

There is no pre-requisite for entry into the Diplomas and the course will cover the same skills and knowledge as the Certificate IV embedded in its content.

Therefore, if you are really looking for an 'upgrade' and not an 'update', the Diploma is the smart way to go!


Bogus qualification warning

It has been brought to my attention that a person purporting to be working for SE Training has been issuing Statements of Attainment for SITX0HS002A and SITXFS001A (both food safety units that have never been on the RTO scope).

These statements were issued in 2012. Sea Eagle Training ceased to be an RTO in 2004, although HBTA retained the original RTO number.

The statements are signed by a third party and only I am authorised to sign qualifications on behalf of the RTO which is now HBTA.

The Statements are issued on cheap paper that can be purchased in any stationers, not our marbled green card which is embossed with the HBTA logo and laminated. The bogus qualifications show the Sea Eagle cameo illustration.

If you come across one of these Statements of Attainment, please be aware that they are easily identified as frauds. If in doubt, please send me copies so that appropriate actions can be taken.

Amy Boleszny

To find out more about individual programs, click on the navigation bar on the left or contact us directly.

TAE50216 Diploma of Training Design and Development is now on scope.

We have a fun Interactive program ready to go.  You can choose our 'most wanted' option or select your own choice of electives with a view to easy transition to TAE50116 when it comes on scope.  Click here for a brochure.

Our Regional Trainers and Assessors

New South Wales

We are proud to work with Kay Whitehall in Mudgee, who is up and running in TAE qualifications and business qualifications. Kay delivers training in Western NSW and in the Mackay region of Queensland. More follows, as they say in the publishing industry.

Matt Spokes has now moved back to the Riverina where he will service clients wanting TAE Certificate IV and Diplomas and WHS qualifications.

Mackay region

Kay Whitehall visits Mackay regularly to run courses and visit on-site with corporate customers and clients.


Other regions are serviced by our group of excellent training partners (see below).



Our Training Partners

The following organisatons deliver and assess training under auspice from HBTA

Australian Safety Learning Systems Brisbane

Criterion Training and Consultancy, FNQ

Leading Education Innovation Brisbane

Mandaville Training Solutions, Sydney

One Step Further Coolangatta, RTO 31215

Oz Health and Safety Training Orange

PPD Training Perth, RTO 52080

Safe Act Pty Ltd. Hunter Valley

TM Training Solutions, Perth

Training for Learning Company Adelaide

Training Ahead Australia, Mackay Queensland and Richmond Victoria

Workskills International Sydney

For more information about our growing family of RTOs and non-registered Training Organisations who have partnered with HBTA to deliver our qualifications in SEQ, NSW, VIC, SA and WA, and the programs they offer click here.


It has been brought to our attention that StudyNet Pty Ltd has been promoting that HBTA is an RPL partner with them. Please be advised that any offer to provide them with assessment services ceased on 13/5/14 and that we are not providing any RPL assessment services to any clients of that organisation.

Please also note also that we do not have any agreements with any marketing companies to promote to students on our behalf. Only our regional trainers and our training partners may recruit students into courses they deliver on behalf of HBTA.



Last updated; 18 April 2017

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